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Homeowners Insurance Erie, PA

We can’t predict the unknown, but we can protect you against it. We shield our clients against the many risks that come with owning a home—natural disasters, fires, vandalism, lawsuits and more. And should you face any of these perils, we provide you with urgent and compassionate service. Get a Hart, McConahy, Martz homeowners insurance quote today for fast comparative quotes.

Different Types of Homeowners Policies: 

  • HO 02 - HOMEOWNERS BROAD FORM covers a described dwelling, related private structures, unscheduled personal property on and away from the premises, and additional living expense and rental value against loss by fire and other specified causes of loss including theft. Personal liability insurance, including medical payments coverage and damage to property of others coverage, completes the package.
  • HO 03 - HOMEOWNERS SPECIAL FORM is similar to the HO 02 in covering a described dwelling, private structures and unscheduled personal property on and away from the premises. Additional living expense and rental value is also covered. The difference is that the dwelling and private structures are covered for loss due to direct physical damage except as excluded instead of the named broad causes of loss. Personal liability insurance, including medical payments coverage and physical damage to property of others coverage, completes the package.
      • Personal Property Protection - Covering the loss or damage of a renter's personal belongings usually on and, in most cases, off of your premises
      • Liability Protection - Providing legal representation and protection against judgments for covered events
      • Guest Medical Protection - Generally covers medical costs for visitors injured at a renter's home
      • Reimbursed Living Expenses - Reimbursement for costs of temporary housing, should it be necessary
  • HO 05 - HOMEOWNERS COMPREHENSIVE FORM insures against risks of direct physical loss to covered structures and unscheduled personal property. The protection is subject only to the exclusion of named sources of loss. Liability protection, including medical payments and physical damage to property of others coverage, completes the package.
  • HO 06 - CONDOMINIUM UNIT OWNERS FORM provides coverage for the defined property for which a unit-owner is responsible to insure under the condominium association bylaws and activities of the owner of a condominium unit. The coverage is comparable to that afforded an apartment tenant under a tenants (contents) broad form, but modified for the special conditions identified with condominium living. This form meshes with insurance carried by a condominium association for the structure and the risks jointly shared by all of the unit-owners. Loss assessment coverage, reimbursing the insured for his or her share of an uninsured loss to collectively owned property, is an option.
  • HO 08 - HOMEOWNERS MODIFIED COVERAGE FORM is available to provide limited coverage on a package basis for older dwellings to which other homeowners forms are not adaptable, and for insurance buyers who judge its protection more practical for their needs. Dwelling coverage is on an actual cash value basis and a set limit (such as $2,500) for theft coverage, subject to deductible, is confined to the premises. Liability coverage is included 

Popular Homeowners endorsements

  • Homeowners Special Loss Settlement Endorsement
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost Endorsement
  • Back up of Sewer & Drain
  • Increased limits for personal property (scheduled jewelry, fine arts, etc..)

Landlord Insurance: Dwelling Fire Insurance

  • Insurance for dwellings and their contents under a monoline policy is available in situations where the home owners coverage form may not be available or wanted.
  • Rental property, unoccupied property that is being sold, builders risks are some examples along with situations where low limits or underwriting conditions bar homeowners insurance. Coverage for dwellings and/or personal property may be written under either a basic, broad or special form.
  • Basic Form

    Basic Form, as its name suggests, is the least comprehensive of the three coverage options. The important thing to note about reading Basic Form policies is that they cover only named perils. This means that if a coverage is not specifically named in the policy, there is no coverage. If something happens to your home or business that’s not on the list, you’re not covered.  A Basic Form policy tends to be quite limited in scope and should be used with care.

    Coverages included in a typical Basic Form policy are:

    •  Fire
    •  Lightning
    •  Windstorm or Hail
    •  Explosion
    •  Smoke
    •  Vandalism
    •  Aircraft or Vehicle Collision
    •  Riot or Civil Commotion
    •  Sinkhole Collapse
    •  Volcanic Activity

  • Broad Form

    Broad Form coverage is more expansive than Basic Form coverage. It includes coverage for all the hazards included in a Basic Form policy plus several additional hazards which are expressly named. Like with a Basic Form policy, a Broad form policy covers only named perils. Again, if a coverage is not specifically named in the policy, that coverage is excluded. Fortunately, the Broad Form is designed to cover the most common forms of property damage.

    Coverages included in a typical Broad Form policy (in addition to what’s covered by the Basic Form) are:

    •  Burglary/Break-in damage
    •  Falling Objects (like tree limbs)
    •  Weight of Ice and Snow
    •  Freezing of Plumbing
    •  Accidental Water Damage
    •  Artificially Generated Electricity

  • Special Form

    Special Form coverage is the most inclusive of the three options. The trick with Special Form policies is that they should be read differently from how you would read a Basic or Broad Form policy. In a Special Form policy, instead of the document listing what’s covered, all perils are covered except for the exclusions specifically enumerated in the policy. In this sense, reading a Special Form policy is kind of like the opposite of reading a Basic or Broad Form policy. All unlisted perils are covered perils. This can be extremely beneficial to the insured since Special Form coverage makes allowances for the kinds of screwball hazards one might never expect. However, if something happens to your home or business, and it is on the list, the policy will provide no coverage.

    Everything is typically covered under a Special Form policy, except for these common exclusions:

    •  Ordinance of Law
    •  Power Failure
    •  War
    •  Nuclear Hazard
    •  Intentional Acts

*** Note these are general coverages. Check your current policy for your form coverages***

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