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Medicare Insurance, Erie PA

Are you turning 65 and are now eligible for Medicare?  Have you become eligible for Medicare because of a disability?  Not satisfied with your current Supplement, Advantage or Part D plan? As we age, our health insurance needs often change year to year.  Let our experienced Medicare Team, at Hart, McConahy & Martz, help you find the right plan that fits your budget, health needs and lifestyle. We can help you understand the difference between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and Part D plans.  We will also assist you in selecting the best plan based on your individual needs.  We are ready to assist our current clients as well as new individuals looking for guidance.  Remember, our services are FREE to our clients!

Can Medicare Advantage Plans survive the Health Care Reform system? READ MORE:

Medicare consists of four parts:

Part A:  Generally this has no premium.  Provides coverage for in-patient hopsital charges, skilled nursing, home health and hospice.

Part B:  Participants are required to pay a monthly premium.  Provides coverage for out-patient services, such as lab work or x-rays, and doctor visits.

Part C:  (Medicare Advantage)  Is offered through private insurance companies.  May or may not require a monthly premium.  Participants must be enrolled in both Part A & B to enroll in Part C.

Part D:  (Prescription Drug Coverage)  Is voluntary and requires a monthly premium.  Some Medicare Advantage Plans include prescription drug coverage. If you do not sign up for Part D when you are initially eligible, a penalty may be applied which would result in an increased premium.  You must be eligible for Part A Medicare and/or enrolled in Part B to enroll in Part D.

There are some very important dates to keep in mind with regards to Medicare.  Keep these handy so you don't miss out:

October 15 through December 7, 2021.   This is open enrollment.  During this time you may change back to Original Medicare, select a new Medicare Advantage Plan and/or a new Part D plan.  Options selected at this time become effective January 1st.  If you do not make a change during this time, you will remain in the same plan for the next year.

January 1 through February 14, 2021.  This is the Annual Dis-Enrollment peroid.  During this time you may dis-enroll from a Medicare Advantage plan and return to Original Medicare and a Stand Alone Part D plan, but you can not select a different Medicare Advantage plan.

If you are just turning 65 you have three (3) months prior to your birthday month, your birthday month, and three (3) months after to elect Medicare coverage for a total of seven (7) months.   If you make your selection three months prior or during your birthday month, your selection will be effective the first of your birthday month.  If you make your selection in one of the three months after your birthday month, your selection will be effective the first of the month after your make your selection.

Here are some of our leading Medicare Insurance carriers:

Highmark Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans
UPMC for Life Medicare Advantage Plans
Health America/Coventry Medicare Insurance Plans
New Era Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Plans Erie PA

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