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Fall Is Coming!

Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 4:03 PM
Insurance Erie PA

As we turn the page into the fall season, there are a few things you as agents can encourage your customers to do to protect their homes from damage. Here are some of the top items:

  1. Have your HVAC serviced before the start of heating season. We typically see a wave of losses associated with the first cold snap of the season, ranging from smoke and soot, to fires, to freezing losses when HVAC units fail to operate properly.
  2. Get your chimney cleaned and inspected. It is vital that homeowners with wood burning fireplaces or solid-fuel stoves have their chimneys cleaned and inspected for damage annually. These items are the source of a large number of fires which are ultimately preventable by the homeowner if proper maintenance and care is exercised. It is recommended that a chimney be cleaned annually, or if there is a substantial amount of use, even more frequently.
  3. Check your protective devices. Replace smoke detector batteries and test units, and check fire extinguishers. We strongly recommend that all of our customers keep a kitchen-rated fire extinguisher (readily available at your local hardware store for about $25) within easy reach of their kitchen stove. The most frequent cause of fire loss in the residences we insure are cooking related.

While this is far from an exhaustive list of things property owners can do to prepare their homes for winter, it's certainly a good start! Taking these key actions will significantly reduce a property owner's risk of severe loss as we transition into the cold-weather season.


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